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Stripe Remix


Uploaded on 27.06.2012 @ 17:28
Clip Type : studio Mix
Clip Style : Graphics, Generative
Tags : contest light darkness lighting font graphics black green atmosphere text atmosphere of earth sky line lens flare night technology

Sync to 16 (or maybe 8) Beats, and every detail will perfectly fit to the rythm :-)

I accidently didnt upload this clip as a direct remix to the original clip of this contest, but still it is a Remix of it.

I can neither delete it nor upload it again as a direct remix (since it tells me a similiar clip aldready exists..) Sorry for this!
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zweck on 29.06.2012 @ 20:47

i "remixed" it for you...

mr.shintla on 27.06.2012 @ 20:18

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1.6-15.7 win a resolume avenue4 license for best remix