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Uploaded on 28.07.2013 @ 19:09
Clip Type : live Mix, Musicvideo, Documentation
Clip Style : Video, 3D, Generative
Tags : contest darkness light radiography x ray night visual effects organism medical radiology jaw

Too many inputs to describe. Uses Kineme GL tools to render left and right channels as nodes around an axis. Hard to describe with such a short description and video. This is just a quick demo of a few parameter combinations set to a short music clip I wrote years ago. You'll just have to play with this thing and see what it can do!

The VDMX file also uses a custom plugin that scans a directory for ASE swatch files from Adobe's Kuler site and uses them to map colors. Inspired by Rybotron's Kuler Color plugin.
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Attachment Type: qtz: generator: quartz
Attachment Description: Contains the Spinewave QC patch, the ASEParser patch (for Kuler color swatches), and a VDMX demo file.
Attachment Usage: Install the ASEParser 3.0 plugin to your VDMX plugins folder. You must enter the full path to the Color Palettes folder in the plugin window to allow it to use swatches.
Attachment Tested in: OSX 10.6.8, 10.8
Attachment Requirements: Kineme GL Tools, Audio Tools
Project Website:
Code Repository Website::
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Spinewave/ 0B
Spinewave/.DS_Store 6KB
Spinewave/ASEParser 3.0.qtz 42.9KB
Spinewave/Color Palettes/ 0B
Spinewave/Color Palettes/.DS_Store 6KB
Spinewave/Color Palettes/Cinnamon Mint.ase 194B
Spinewave/Color Palettes/Circus III.ase 188B
Spinewave/Color Palettes/Copy of Mintwood Palette More Taupe.ase 238B
Spinewave/Color Palettes/Dagut.ase 178B
Spinewave/Color Palettes/Firenze.ase 182B
Spinewave/Color Palettes/jago25.ase 180B
Spinewave/Color Palettes/Jaws.ase 192B
Spinewave/Color Palettes/Neutral Blue.ase 192B
Spinewave/Color Palettes/Salamander.ase 188B
Spinewave/Color Palettes/StraightBook Light.ase 204B
Spinewave/Color Palettes/Theme 4.ase 182B
Spinewave/Color Palettes/Vintage Summer.ase 196B
Spinewave/README.rtf 708B
Spinewave/Spinewave Accumulator.qtz 147.2KB
Spinewave/Spinewave.vdmx5 123.7KB
Total Zip Size 133.7KB


A longer demo can be found here:


Erland on 19.08.2013 @ 02:10

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