about videopong

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Share, Remix and Perform... Everything.

Videopong is a community dedicated to expanding and connecting the world of VJs, content-creators and video artists. It is a hub to share not only video clips, but everything behind the visuals: source code, interactive patches, executables, and more.

Through Videopong, you can:

  • Use and remix clips from thousands of video artists in formats ready to go straight into your favorite VJ app
  • Find source code, executables, or project files behind the visuals (just look for "attachments" to many of the clips)
  • Upload your own clips with different licensing options, including Creative Commons (creativecommons.org)
  • Get inspired with our custom online Onyx Online VJ Mixer
  • Get a hold of portable hardware server for festivals and events offering all the functionality of Videopong.net
  • Take an active part in developing our nonprofit, ad-free community

How do I get started?

It's easy to get started with Videopong. You are free to browse everything that Videopong has to offer. To start downloading other people's clips, just open up an Account and upload at least three of your own. That's it!

Who is behind videopong?

Next to mr.shintla, videopong is supported by a bunch of contributors and partners. This project is funded by from privates and cultural-funding organizations. get in contact to participate.

Climb the Remix Tree

Videopong makes it easy to follow clip remixes. Just look in the bottom right-hand corner of a clip page, and you will see a tree of all of a clip's remixes. Remix other people's clips, or watch them remix your own!

Online Video Mixer

Videopong has built a special online VJ Mixers for use online, and it's built right into the webpage. You can find it under the "Tools" tab and experiment with all of the clips Videopong has to offer.


Videopong regularly holds contests to remix or develop videos and code with great prizes. The prizes include licenses to the most popular VJ apps and hardware.

The Way Forward (2016 version)

Videopong.net has already found its way to more than 1700 active VJs and videoartists from more than 80 countries... amounting more than 20'000 uploaded clips. 3 Million clip views have led to 150,000 downloads already.

The next step is already in development...