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why "videopong"?

we want to support a vj's ability to share and remix clips, as well as invite others to remix their clips and source files online: a remixing ping-pong of clips.

why not .com?

".com" is a short form of "commercial" and videopong is a non-commercial network for vjs

what is different to other well known "tubes"?

the short answer: a lot. the long answer: check the details in the "about" section

how do i recover my password?

recover your password here

how is the share ratio calculated?

we multiply your number of uploaded, non-hidden clips by 3 and then divide by your number of downloads. (3 x uploads)/downloads.
for videopong+ members the factor will raise from 3 to 6. (6 x uploads)/downloads

if your ratio is:
>6 = "supreme"... the number of uploads is twice the number of your downloads
>1 = "good"
0.5 - 1 = "low"
<0.5 = "very low / leecher"... you need to upload more clips!

how do i delete a clip of mines?

deletion is not possible as it would break remix chains, but you can hide clips, which has the same effect (including on your share ratio). to hide a clip, go to the clip detail view, hit "edit this clip" and then hide it there

known problems/issues?

hm? i dont know any. let us know if you do


Videopong+ Member videopong+ supreme ultra upgrade
Attachment you uploaded at least one attachment
Yearly Awards ... award that is given by videopong, depending on how your uploads got rated in relation to your uploads
Contest Winner you won a contest
Donator you donated some bucks (please donate!)
Downloads ... your clips were downloaded at least so many times
Featured At least one of your clips was featured on the Frontpage
Map you added your Location to the VJ-Map
Support General Support of Videopong, like spending your time to help out with different things (translation, writing, creating publicity, ... we need your help: get in contact)
Uploads ... You uploaded at least so many clips

why do my uploads fail?

there are many reasons why uploads can fail. some of them:

  • poor internet connection
  • special characters in filename: use only 8 lowercase characters (a to z, 0 to 9 and - and _)
  • add a proper file ending like .mov or .avi
  • unsupported codec

those codecs inside .avi or .mov file should work:

  • DXV
  • HAP
  • cinepak
  • dv
  • h264
  • mjpeg
  • mpeg
  • quicktime animation & video & graphics
  • theora
  • xvid & divx

note: if your clip is not working properly, you can upload a converted version (lets say h264) and then add your original as attachment!
same goes with every other kind of file you want to share:

  • upload a clip that shows the output or explains how to use your files
  • add your files as attachment inside a single zip file
  • voila: 1000 kudos to you

are uploads of remixes allowed?

cutting a sequence from a movie and adding a color effect does not make you the copyright holder. but real remixing is allowed under the following conditions:

  • your work needs to make something new out of the existing material
  • you don't take sequences that are key sequences from a movie that make the movie identifiable
  • you give credit to the original creator(s), as they put a lot of effort into their work
  • you check on what license the original creator published their work under and publish your remix according to applicable rules

copyright-violating clips are immediately deleted from videopong.net and users that do not respect the work of others will be banned. because videopong supports artists, we want users to give respe ct to the people that do all the work.

how long does it take till my uploads get approved?

as being a videopong-admin is not a fulltime 24x7 job that is paied at all, we do not guarantee anything. if we're online and have time we usually approve within 1hour if its directly clear its your own work. if its unclear it could take much longer as investigations need to be done. and if all admins are off it could take up to 5 days in very rare situations. if you want to shorten this donate...

no more question asked so far... if you have one please get in contact with us